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Spider Woman’s Loom: Chapter One

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????For those who have begun to follow, here is Chapter One of my novel, “Spider Woman’s Loom”. Chapter Two anyone?

lorie adair

Seeing me now, with my hair thinning and skin rutted like a reservation road, you would not know that I was young once my eyes dark obsidian. When my feet arched over the land to the beat of the powwow drum, the People called me Nizhoni, the beautiful one; at 15 it was enough Shi’yazhi. Like you, I first came to the loom out of necessity rather than desire. It was May 1939 and men had come onto the land enforcing a new federal mandate, calling themselves Range Riders though they were the same as all the People. The Depression had changed them, as hard times will, turning them into government-handout types, loitering by the Bureau of Indian Affairs trailers, keeping their ears open for benefits and government contracts to fulfill. They’d take a shovel, a gun, a life if necessary. I saw it etched in the hard lines of…

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4 Responses to “Spider Woman’s Loom: Chapter One”

  1. Karen Hoyt

    As soon as possible please! Need chapter 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10……..


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